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welcome to babylon album coveridiot stare - Welcome to Babylon $9.99 CD
released 11/06


Idiot Stare's third full-length release. 48 minutes of industrial punk goth pop rock. The first full album from the convergence of STG and Insight 23, mixed with the feel of the original Idiot Stare.

Full color four page booklet and tray art included. Shrink wrapped.

Running time: 48 minutes
Format: CD-R

album tracks
1. BabyLAon
2. Mainframe God
3. Dead2U
4. Hold Me Down
5. Ghost

6. Humiliation
7. Captured Emotions
8. Eye Candy
9. Mission Improbable
10. Porno

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idiot stare - ghost $10.00 CD
released 7/03

The remix album for idiot stare's latest single with jaw dropping versions from the likes of penal colony, inertia, smp, christ analogue, doll factory, jugend staat etc...every rendition of the song imaginable. From blatant Industrial to hypnotic dance - this has a new cover of time zone’s “world destruction” and the ghost music video mixed in surround sound!

album tracks
1. Idiot Stare <<Original>>
2. Christ Analogue <<Bufferfuck>>
3. prophei <<Dark Star>>
4. Penal Colony <<Unidentidrome>>
5. Doll Factory <<Hex>>
6. SMP <<Busted>>
7. Compufonic <<Hippie Homo Artist Zombie>>
8. Jugend Staat <<Borstal Muted>>
9. Inertia <<Harsh>>

10. A Different Kind of Cop <<Epiphany>>
11. REwire
12. Acidfanatic <<Boot My System>>
13. Universal Magnetic <<Identity Crisis>>
14. World Destruction (2003 version)
15. Surround Sound
16. Quicktime

REwire - Eclectric $10.00 CD-R
released 2000


Explosive debut project from Dan Levey of Freakmaker and Chad Bishop of Idiot Stare. "REwire manages to incorporate elements of everything from punk, techno, metal, goth, and glam rock (check out the cool robotic vocals on "Grind") all on a solid foundation of danceable electro-industrial with an aggressive guitar edge. The end result is a very cohesive blend of '90s coldwave with a good amount of aggro-rock attitude thrown in for good measure. Songs such as "Braveheart" and "Next" succeed in mixing in the right balance of electronics and guitars topped off with Chad's obsessive yet intelligible vocals." - " wetworks e-zine

album tracks
1. I Can't Lie
2. Next
3. Braveheart
4. Fuel
5. Black and White
6. No Limits
7. Symptoms of Happiness
8. Grind
9. Perfect Fit
10. Megastar
11. Contorted

idiot stare - valentine $6.99 CD-R
released 2000


Techno beats with Gothic overtones, and of course the ever present industrial guitars. Dark vibes in Valentine and Thin, while Dead Inside and Going Down are Industrial Rave-ups.

album tracks
1. Valentine
2. Dead Inside
3. Thin
4. Going Down
5. In The Clouds
6. Dead Inside (Dead Field Remix)

idiot stare - World Deconstruction $10.00 CD-R
released 1999


Remix album for idiot stare's The Hate Cage. Contributions from some of Cybercore's premiere acts, including Biospy, Society Burning, Annondalleb, and SMP. Also features the original version of Time Zone's "World Destruction" with guest vocals from Insight 23's Blayne (yes, this was before Blayne became a permanent member of iStare).

album tracks
1. Idiot Stare - World Destruction
2. Biopsy - Angelic
3. Society Burning - Number One
4. Fishtank No. 9 - Swine
5. Boneyhands - Angelic
6. Trans-gresh'en - Number One
7. Society Burning - Angelic
8. Ipecac Loop - Swine

9. Dezl - Angelic
10. Noxious Emotion - Swine
11. SMP - Thorn
12. Biofeedback - This is the Life
13. Annodalleb - Swine
14. OBE - Thorn
15. Society Burning - Thorn

Universal Magnetic - Transient $6.99 CD-R
Released 1997


Idiot Stare side project. Transient takes its name from the words trance and ambient and that just about describes this EP. "First Stab" and "Headache Machine" were written for a techno comp in 1992, but were ultimately rejected, although "First Stab" did go on to appear on the Sin-o-Matic comp in 1994. The remaining tracks were written in 1996 and '97 by either alien8 or Chad Bishop. The OHMygod mix is by David Ivy.

album tracks

1. First Stab
2. Headache Machine
3. Descrambler

4. The OHM
5. Univac
6. The OHMygod

idiot stare - the hate cage $10.00 CD
released 1997

The second release from idiot stare. The same hardcore industrial you've come to expect, with some melodic and techno influences.

album tracks
1 smile
2 bob
3 number one
4 the hate cage
5 ebronics 1
6 swine
7 saline
8 ebronics 2
9 angelic
10 e
11 afterbirth
12 thorn
13 this is the life
14 out of the cage
15 know what i mean?
16 smile (gabber mix)
17 number one (radio edit)

idiot stare - blinded $12.00 CD


Idiot Stare's debut album released in 1995. Loud punishing electronics with interesting beats, weird samples and just enough guitar to give it an edge. Artwork by john bergin of trust obey.

album tracks
1 To The Head
2 Mad Drunk
3 Cash Out
4 Oranges
5 Black Heart
6 Now Hear This
7 blinded
8 everything
9 False Death
10 Copper Eyed Martyr
11 The Power
12 fade

insight 23 - obsess $12.00 CD

debut album released in 1995. features "obsess interactive."

album tracks

1 promise
2 disease
3 dying in the alley
4 two more reasons
5 backwash
6 if

7 unforgiven
8 hurt hate lies
9 thinner
10 digital blood
11 obsess

Screaming to God - Climate of Violence $10.00 CD-R
Released 1992

The demo that got STG signed. Contains many of the same songs later re-recorded for their Rotten Records release No Longer Human. As an added bonus, Requiem, The 3 song demo from 1991 with singer Shane Talada, is included on this CD.


album tracks

1. Legacy of Hate
2. Thick Voice of Blood
3. Advice to Adam
4. Straight IV of Anarchy
5. Razor Raped Pain
6. Televandalism

7. Never Again
8. Cesspool Viktum
9. Mortal
10. Phychopharmacology
11. Climate of Violence
12. Miscarriage of Justice

Dead Body Falls - Echoing Mayhem $6.99 CD-R
Released 1991


The first collaboration between Shane Talada and Chad Bishop before Shane became the singer of STG. This release is much more organic than their later work.

album tracks

1. Vanity Dies Hard
2. Your Own World
3. Murder in Reverse
4. Soul Motive

5. Dead Again
6. Methysteria
7. Fury (of the ladder)
8. Methysteria (helium girl mix)

STG - Sacrifice $6.99 CD-R

Musical detour album from 1991. Interim singer Mark Rebmann injects his melodic, Peter Murphy-ish voice into the STG mix.

album tracks

1. Isolation
2. Sacrifice On Line
3. Dreaming Eyes
4. Laid to Rest

5. Hands of Steel
6. ...and Fight!
7. Jesus' Son

STG - Vermin $10.00 CD-R
Released 1990

The last release from STG's original lineup with singer Peter Prins. This demo showcases their move from the traditional industrial dance sound into harder territory.

album tracks

1. Classic Noise
2. Shallow Grave
3. Twisted
4. Defenders
5. Demon Possession

6. Free Money
7. Blind, Deaf & Dumb
8. Demon Possession II
9. Vermin
10. No More Lies
11. Puppy Inoculation

STG - Old Testament $10.00 CD-R
Released 1990

STG's first three cassette demos compiled onto one CD.


album tracks

1. Screaming to God
2. Half a Person
3. Never Satisfied
4. Faceless
5. Outrage
6. Burns My Soul
7. Cutting Floor
8. Human Drama

9. Pain
10. Living on the Edge
11. Destiny
12. Spaceships
13. All is How All Was
14. Sonorific Nightmare
15. Pain (live)
16. All is How All Was (live)